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Your solution partner in food, Aegean Food Solutions

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Founder of Aegean Food Solutions, Mrs. Ilbay, 

She has 15 years of professional experience in production facilities of the restaurant chains that operate in the food sector by franchising system. Apart from being a professional that has especially a good command of all the requirements of the sine-qua-non of the food sector, HACCP food safety management system, she has managed processes of many food products that are necessary for restaurants which are administered centrally through franchising system (from raw material to end product customer). She got actively involved in both production and supply of products that are necessary in the food sector. 

Mrs. Ilbay is a professional that has a good command of management of product development processes (including formulation, determination of production processes, shipment& storage, preparation, cooking and presentation) before end consumer in line with target costs in guidance of Laws on Food Safety in Sector.  She is also very knowledgeable about all processes of a product from field to table and knows how to manage the process on the basis of food safety rules. 

Mrs. Ilbay founded “Aegean Food Solutions” consulting company with a view to reaching larger masses that might need her experience and keep her passion for production and creativity alive in food industry and decided to share her experiences by providing consultancy under her corporate identity. 

Your solution partner in food Aegean Food Solutions