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Oktay Şahbaz

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We are an educational organisation offering online tutoring to primary and secondary aged students. Our mission is to help every child fulfill their academic potential by proving good quality tutoring that is both inspirational and engaging. We also like to ensure the learning of our learners is in line with the national curriculum and are all prepared for their exams. As well as teaching outstanding lessons, our staff will also aim to mentor and guide your children through their educational journey. 

There are many reasons why children use our services. This include requiring support their homework, getting more confident on a topic they are struggling in a particular subject or being prepared for an important exam such as SATs, GCSE, or A-Levels. We are here to support all your needs. We aim to be an integral part of your child’s educational journey.

Our aim is to make learning enjoyable and engaging, which we know lies at the heart of ensuring that children and young people achieve their full academic potential. Our approach is unique because we recognise that students need to be recognised as individuals but also that learning in groups is the most effective means to making learning engaging and meaningful.

Bright Minds students can attend classes in small groups either online or face to face. All students attending our classes receive individually tailored support at all time. Our mission is to ensure they are both ready for their exams but more importantly are also able to apply their learning to achieve their best throughout their life.

The company is managed by award winning teacher Oktay Sahbaz,  a very experienced, qualified, secondary & sixth form teacher and school leader of 15 years.

Oktay Sahbaz is well known for the work around the underachievement of students in some of the key London Boroughs. Some of his work includes advising Local Education Authorities on how to overcome barriers to learning.

Many years of experience in the education field has allowed Oktay Sahbaz to create a network of qualified teachers who are both experts and leaders in their fields.