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Our company is Dora Design&Art.

  All our products are handmade. Felt art, sculptures, figurines, only paper decorative products, rag dolls, all are handmade products. In addition, workshops will be held. Please make an appointment for the workshop you want from our website.

   In addition, the training videos will also contribute.

   Mrs Esra Dora who intends to initialise  that will be teaching rag doll techniques, sewing machine  lessons for individual type customers. Our company  also be offering decorative arrangements for the workplaces, and custom made artistic products such as oil paint, acrylic, relief and resin art paintings, sells miniature sculptures and custom made personal sculptures, and sell online decorative handmade design products for both individual and business type customers.

   Mrs Esra Dora is a well talented artist and passionate about art. She is painter and designer. The founder of nursery school where she had given painting lessons to the children between 2-5 years old in her school where art activities were held every day to teach children artistic experiences. And founder of SESAN Association of Free Artists, and since the day it was founded, it has contributed to present Mrs Dora’s works of art.
Throughout her career, she has been involved in many years of activities, exhibitions, workshops, volunteer work, social projects, projects as supervisor, planning and coordinator hence in this direction she has managed to develop technical skills within in identifying and bringing out the creativities and skills in others.
Dora Design& Art ’s competitive edge is that the owner already has a significant field experience and expertise for the market demands. In essence, she has already overcome the barriers to entry in the fine arts field and is simply in the process of formalizing the business.
Mrs Dora describes herself as “I am an innovative person, aiming to improve my profession continuously, whose human relations are powerful and who is attaching importance to variety in art as well as taking my work serious and taking care of it, everyone may prefer me.

   The business  run under the name of Dora Design&Art and  registered with HMRC under self-employment regulations. The business solely be owned and managed by Mrs Esra Dora and she will be in charge of all business activities including operation, management, customer services, and running marketing campaigns as well as legal affairs.

    By utilising innovative and effective teaching methods, Mrs Dora aims to provide quality services that pay back every penny paid by her customers. Besides to the fact of her innovative and effective teaching methods, Mrs Dora is utilising both methods of traditional and contemporary style marketing methods in order to attract new customers towards her business. Mrs Dora is using her advance skills and knowledge to meet the requirements and expectations of her customers – where she is able to describe herself as “A well talented artist who is passionate about art. She has been involved in many years of activities, exhibitions, workshops, volunteer work, social projects, projects as supervisor, planning and coordinator.”

She can  do and for those who wish decorative arrangements for their workplace, (especially Turkish style Mediterranean restaurants) she has confirmed that  have consultation and painting arrangements, decoration to execute artistic painting over their walls for  that represents the native motifs and colours of Turkish tradition in creating an ambiance where their customers will feel the effects of as living the moment in origins of Turkish Anatolia throughout their dining.