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We are a boutique consultancy firm based in London.

If you need help on how to start and run a successful restaurant or coffee bar do call us and let’s talk

I’ve had over 19 years of experience in managing restaurants and cafe chains successfully in the food and beverage industry.

Since  2011, I have been working as a full-time consultant based in Istanbul/  Turkey. Thanks to the cooperations of valuable operating teams and  leaders, I had the opportunity to build many enterprises from scratch  and till they were sold on profitable. I took an active part in every  section of this industry. My client range was from start-up café and  restaurants to very well known larger companies and institutions in  Turkey. What made me different from many other restaurant and food  consultants was: each consulting experience I had was as if it was my  own company and I totally understood what it was like to be on the  client’s side.

I’m curious and my desire to explore is too high. I’m  open to innovations. I’m interested in travelling, technology  innovations, fashion, music, decoration, renewable energy. I’m open to  learning and I believe in change.

I support the independent food and  drink sector. I love London. I will be very happy to continue my  business here and share my experience with you.