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Married, 2 Boys Mother
Bachelor Degree (RQF Level 6/SCQF Level 10/ CQFW Level6)
Over 19 Years’ Pre-School Teacher Experience (with every age groups)
Early Years Level 2 Qualified
Professional Childcare
Pediatric First Aid Certiciface
DBS Check

Interpretation of children’s pictures and picture analysis in preschool period, Certificate of Participation

Alternative education methods and practices in pre-school education, Certificate of Participation

Emergency Help in Pre-School Institutions, Certificate of Participation

Effective Teachers and Positive Discipline in Class, Certificate of Participation

Guiding children to do school assignments after school.

Support teaching for lagging children on extra hours

To arrange painting workshops.

Drama lessons and activities.

Playing intelligence games with children.

To guide children to participate in arts and music events in line with their interests and abilities.

To organize a parent meeting to inform children’s progress.

To support Psycho-motor development of the children

To recognize and develop children in social and emotional areas.

Contributing to cognitive development of the children.

Help children for learning how to hold pencil, to learn to use their toys and to help improve their hand skills.

Understanding the interests and abilities of children and making the necessary guidance.

Contributing to language development through fairy tales, stories, riddles, songs, poems

To make preparations for reading and writing with children.

To help children to gain self-esteem and respect in the group.

Solving children’s problems by working together with parents.

To ensure that children learn self-caring skills.

Keeping track of development observation files for the children and informing their parents about the development of the child during the term.

To organize events on special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Birthday Parties.